Tolulope Oludapo

LifeGiva, Media Consultant

I am a LifeGiva

I help clients develop their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors. I help individuals and companies build a tailoired solution to capture and retain the attention of their desired audience.

I also believe in the power of story telling to create and shape culture and I hope I can inspire someone through my own story.

Design & Videography 90%
Strategy 95%
Marketing 75%

What am I about?

You don't have to gamble your way to success.

To a great extent, I have guessed my way to growth and I believe no one should jouney to success alone, that is the harder and longer route. With over 7 years knowledge, experience and expertise I hope to help someone or someone’s brand or business!
Practical, relatable and relevant content

I hope to inspire and help someone by sharing lessons and thoughts from my little process and progress.

Bringing life into ideas and brands

I am a branding, design & digital creative consultant. I bring new brands to life & breathe new life into existing ones.

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Experience & Competence

With over than 7 years of knowledge, experience and expertise I hope to help someone or someone’s brand business!
My Experience
Web, Graphic Designer

Lifegiva Consult, 2017–current

Content & Media Strategies, Creative Director

LifeGivaDotCom Int’l Ltd, 2013–current

Project Coordinator, Media

African Artist Foundation, 2014–2015

My Competencies
Lifegiva Consult

Digital Strategy, Branding, Design, Video, Website

Laju Iren Publishing

Branding, Layout Design

Celebration Church Int’l

Design, Pre & Post Production

Drop me a line below, I’d love to talk.
digital strategy, and branded content that.
P: +2347033313864, F: 07017568789