Tolulope Oludapo

Designer, Photographer, Content Strategy, Media Consultant

I am a Lifegiva, I help clients develop their digital businesses to enhance growth and drive sustainable revenue increases, across all media sectors. I help individuals and companies build a tailoired solution to capture and retain the attention of their desired audience.

I also believe in the power of story telling to create and shape culture and I hope I can inspire someone through my own story.

My Experience

Here are a number of brands and businesses I have worked with and what I did for/with them.

African Artist Foundation

Digital Marketing

Lifegiva Consult

Branding, Design, Video, Website

Laju Iren Publishing

Layout Design, Branding

Celebration Church Int’l

Design & Video Production

DesignBuffet Co

Design, Illustration

Adaora Lumina

Design, Video