The 5 Star Keke Ride & The 5k Haircut | Ep 1

Have you ever been wowed by a service that you didn’t mind paying more? Such is the Keke ride I…

Inspire You

“God forbid, that is not my portion” is not a strategy.

While listening to “How understanding divorce can help your marriage” (weird topic right?) on TED Talks Daily podcast this morning…


Not Everything Great Starts With A Bang

The 3rd of January 2013, It was the first day of resumption. And if you attended Covenant University, you know…


Never Hold a Knife Around Me

It was a random evening like any other. We were all in the veranda like we called it, picking beans….


My name is Tolulope Oludapo

My name is Tolulope Oludapo, I founded and manage all LifegivaDotCom Int’l Ltd (@lifegivadotcom) arms, but you know that already….